River cruises can take you across fairytale landscapes, past sweeping vineyards and tranquil fishing villages; majestic temples and modern landscapes. From the Mosel to the Mekong, the world awaits on your river cruise.

Mention “river cruising” and most people think of Europe. That’s understandable.

River Beatrice in Budapest

River Beatrice in Budapest

The modern-day river cruise industry has its roots in Europe. Grand rivers cut a swath across the continent, linking together bustling capitals. Along the way lie charming villages, steep hillside vineyards and castles standing since the Crusades.

Europe is made for river cruising, and the Danube is Europe’s great river. Seven-night Danube River cruises are the most popular product on the market, especially with first-time river cruisers. Even longer itineraries can take you from the North Sea to the Black Sea; to the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and more.

Avalon Visionary Exterior

Avalon Visionary on the Rhine

The Rhine River and it’s tributaries the Mosel and Main link together storybook scenery, majestic castles and sloped vineyards. Cruises travel through the Netherlands to Germany, France and Switzerland.

“Rhine Castle” itineraries and wine-themed cruises are the most common offerings you’ll find on these rivers.

In France, the Rhone, Saone, Dordogne, Seine and Garonne are the pathways to legendary wine regions, historic landmarks, rich farmland and scenery that inspired the great masters. While, the Douro River in Portugal winds its way through Europe’s oldest vineyards.

Lueftner cruise on the Rhine

Lueftner cruise on the Rhine

The Elbe River across the Czech Republic and Germany and the Po River in Italy provide the backdrop for a few cruise itineraries. Some lines offer cruises of Russia’s Volga and Ukraine’s Dnieper cruises, as well.

River cruises provide a window to the riches of Asia.

From the Mekong in Vietnam and Cambodia to China’s storied Yangtze. India’s historic Ganges and Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady. They’re the stuff of legendary explorers and ancient peoples.

The Americas also claim a great river cruising heritage. Rivers traverse the US, and river cruises offer a journey back in time. Follow in the path of Lewis and Clark on the Colombia, Snake and Willamette rivers of the Pacific Northwest. Relive the heyday of the great steamships of the Mississippi and its tributaries. Explore the beauty of the Hudson River Valley, the St. Lawrence River and the inland waterways of the East Coast.

While in South America, the amazing Amazon winds its way through an exotic landscape unlike anywhere else on earth. More than any other destination, river cruising in South America is a gateway to adventure.

AmaDara on the Mekong

AmaDara on the Mekong

Africa too, is a river cruise destination. The Chobe River is a wildlife-watcher’s paradise. And the Nile River in Egypt brings travelers to the cradle of civilization.