AmaCello in Regensburg, Germany

AmaCello in Regensburg, Germany

Welcome to the River Cruise Revolution!

River cruising is booming, from Europe to Asia and even in the US. But, there’s never been a one-stop shop for river cruise information.

That’s where Rivercruiser.com comes in.

We’re here to bring you all the background, news, reviews and deals you need to plan an awesome river cruise vacation.

Why River Criuse?

There’s a romance to the rivers. Just ask Mark Twain, the original travel writer. Great cities have sprung up along the world’s rivers for all of history. But, the modern-day river cruise industry is less than two decades old.

And, the folks behind Rivercruiser.com have had their eyes on it for a while.

We launched this site because we think river cruising has something for everyone. Couples. Families. Adventure Seekers. Gourmands. It combines the benefits of an escorted tour with the allure of ship travel. (Many lines have their origin with tour companies, in fact.)

Avalon Tapestry

Avalon Tapestry

Unlike mass market ocean cruising, you aren’t surrounded by thousands on a river cruise. River cruise ships average 150 passengers or so. Think of them as a floating hotel taking you past charming villages, ancient castles and hillside vineyards. You can step off the boat right into the heart of history, from Budapest to Bagan.

Viking Longship Hlin Veranda Suite with Stahleck Castle and the town of Bachrach in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley in Germany out the window

Viking Hlin Veranda Suite

Whether you’re a first-time river cruiser or a loyal river enthusiast, we think you’ll agree with us on one thing.

River cruising is a travel style like no other. And Rivercruiser.com is a resource like no other. We’re experts in the all the news, background info and exclusive offers you’ll need to become a river cruiser for life.

So, join the River Cruiser revolution and Float Your Boat.

 River Beatrice in Durnstein, Austria

River Beatrice in Durnstein, Austria